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 Mooney M20M Bravo (N1089G) 1/8/2007 Minimize

I cannot say enough good things about the people at Bay Avionics.  I asked them to work miracles on my Mooney in order to get what I think is the perfect panel.  I wanted it done right, and wanted it done fast, which are typically one of those things that you can have one or the other, but in the case of Bay, they did it right and fast.  Jim, Ronnie, and Sara are just unbelievable when it comes to their skills, knowledge, experience, and professionalism.  I stopped by several times a week to ask questions, and make comments which really took them away from the task at hand, and they never had a bad word to say.

I am sure like many other aircraft owners, I had a hard time deciding where to take my aircraft to get the avionics work done.  There is something about handing over our expensive toys to someone we don't know and asking them to take it apart and put it back together without breaking anything.  I talked to many people around the Hampton Roads airport to determine the type of work I could expect from Bay, and I got the same reply from everyone I asked; "You will not get a more professional job anywhere".  I must say that I got quotes from several places, but it all came down to the quality of the work I would receive once the job was done, and I felt confident that Bay would deliever what I wanted, so I scheduled the job and they started a month later.

Despite several problems that came up given the equipment that I was installing, Bay got the job done as fast as they said they would, and the price was exactly what I was quoted.

Jim, Ronnie, and Sara, thank you so much for the hard work and dedication that you put into my aircraft, and thank you for standing behind your work and giving me the support I wanted after the sale.  You truly are the best and I will continue to use you for all my avionics needs in the future.

Steve Back


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